@ 2007 Diocese of

Bishop Stude



Inspirational Message during the blessing of memorial shrine of Blessed Pope John Paul II


“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good” (Genesis 1,31)


All around us are from God. All are all good. Everything is of God. Everything is because of God’s goodness. Everybody is God’s grace. All around us are God’s gifts.


What we have, especially in this beautiful province of Bataan, specifically in this historic town of Morong, are all the best, all the blessings. These seas and rivers, hills and mountains, animals and plants are all manifestations of the goodness of God.

Our people here are all reflections of the goodness of God.

What we have rebuilt: the memorial shrine of Blessed Pope John Paul II is our reconstruction of the hope and heroic struggles of our brothers and sisters who came to our shores. As we reconstructed the papal altar we relive and remember with appreciative spirits the caring ways and unselfish services of those people who welcomed and accepted them as their own. And so this memorial is not just woods and stones but much more the tangible proof our filial devotion and reverence to a great man of God, Blessed Pope John Paul II.

What we did is a collective and united effort. And we did it because of love and out of love. The Diocese of Balanga, the Bataan Technopark Incorporated, the Congressional District and Provincial Government of Bataan, the Municipal governments of Morong, the religious groups and civil authorities, the parochial and Barangay officials have cooperated and collaborated to bring this noble project to successful completion.

Isn’t so beautiful that we are one and strongly united?

Isn’t so praiseworthy that we are harmoniously and happily working with each other?

Isn’t edifying that together we can easily we can accomplish our vision and achieve our goal?

With all these goodness of these people around us and with the graces of God, let there be gratitude in our hearts. Thank you for translating this plan into reality. Thank you for your generosity, for your gracious presence, for your thoughtful ways, for your inspiring words and for your generous deeds. We thank our good Lord for giving us strength and support to realize our dream, for providing us with selfless people to help us and much more for sending to us Blessed Pope John Paul II who in his words and deeds we have experienced God’s love and mercy. Your names are written in heaven and inscribed in the heart of Jesus.

With our acknowledge of the goodness of God and with our sense of gratitude, it is very opportune to make a pledge, to promise that we will go on, that is, we will continue what we have begun here. From what our brothers and sisters have experienced, from what our people did to them, and from the witnesses and words of Blessed Pope John Paul II, we will go on…

We will go on to protect, to promote and to preserve life.

We will go on to be faithful and responsible stewards of God’s creation. We will be watchful and prayerful that destructive elements will never be rehabilitated in Bataan.

We will go on to be devoted and obedient sons and daughters of the Church, to reiterate our loyalty and love to our Mother Church and to our beloved Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.



+Ruperto Cruz Santos

Bishop of Balanga

Diocese of Balanga
(Bataan, Philippines)