CBCP-ECMI on tanim-bala again??


We are again confronted with the shameful tanim-bala scandal with the “discovery” of a bullet in the bag of a 75-year old Balikbayan woman, and her allegation that she was asked to fork out 50,000 pesos to keep the “discovery” under wraps and the charge against her withdrawn.


The questions in our minds are, “why is this happening again?” How can the airport authorities continue to be negligent and indifferent to this type of incidents? Can they not find out the real and credible explanation for this? Why haven’t they found out and brought to justice the MIAA personnel responsible for this?


As there are those who are motivated by greed, corrupted by easy money and blinded by their selfish interest, MIAA must be serious to police and cleanse their ranks, convict those corrupt and criminals in uniforms.


It is the OFW’s and the Balikbayans who are suffering. They are being victimized. As government officials their calling is to serve and to protect so our Balikbayan and OFW’s should be helped not being harassed; be served and not being robbed; and respected and not be exploited.


As this tanim-bala operation continue under their watch, their lack of compassion and concern for our fellow Filipinos who work abroad or who visit their homeland are revealed. Again we say, it is not fun in the Philippines when our airport authorities showed their insensitivity and callousness towards the elderly Balikbayan and OFW whose love of country they manifest with their homecoming and sacrifices for their loved ones. Moreover they can also conclude that it is no longer fun in the Philippines and our airport earns notoriety as a place of extortion and blackmailing.


We urge the Airport authorities, and the government, to put an end to this tanim-bala scandal one and for all. Our OFW’s and travelling Filipinos should not have to experience the anxiety and fear that come from it. Identify, arrest, prosecute, convict and punish all those responsible for this, so we can bring stability to our travel systems and restore the trust and confidence of our OFW’s and all Filipinos traveling from or to their own country.



+Ruperto Cruz Santos, DD

Bishop of Balanga and CBCP-ECMI Chair

The Roman Catholic
Diocese of Balanga
(Bataan, Philippines)
@ v2013 Diocese of Balanga

Bishop Stude

@ v2013 Diocese of Balanga