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What: 2nd Annual Diocesan Youth Conference 2011

Where: Diocesan Youth Ministry Office

When: February 9 to 11, 2011


“The 2nd Annual Diocesan Youth Conference 2011”

Introductory Speech by Fr. Joshua here

The Diocesan Youth Coordinating Council had their 2nd Annual Diocesan Conference last February 9 to 11, 2011 with a theme “Let your light shine to all men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven” -Mt 5:16

At first, the Diocesan Youth Core-Group (DYCG) was reluctant to pursue the conference on their scheduled date for some reasons… “Baka hilaw ang maging resulta” , this was what they were thinking a week before the conference. But after contemplating about it, they decided to continue, with their strong faith with God’s guidance.

The first day of the conference started with a very inspiring speech of Father Joshua followed by a video clip of a disabled person who used his weaknesses to prove that life continues as long as there is deep faith in God. Then, the Council sang the Conference’s theme song, “Let your Light Shine”. Another important thing that happened during that day was the election of the new diocesan youth leader, and with a majority vote, Ms. Kristine Joy Bustamante was elected. Lastly, the calendar of activities for the year 2011, which is the Year of the Youth, was presented to the body for approval.

The second day of the conference started with the recap of the Pastoral thrust for the Year 2011 which was about spiritual growth. The revision of the by-laws/guidelines was also laid to the council. The DYCC once again reviewed if the guidelines were being implemented, or if it needed to be updated. The day ended with the discussion of the activities for Year 2011.

The last day of the conference was focused on fellowship and called it the “The DYCC Awards Night”. It was held at the Marian Missionaries Mission House. The DYCG prepared a short program to give credits to the special talents of the DYCC.

Some of the awards given that night were “Novel Prize Award”, “Mr. Nokia”, and “Solicitor’s General”, among others. After the program and the dinner, the councils gave thanks to the Source of all, our Loving Father.

The Conference was successful. Everyone gave himself/herself to God through the ministry. Once again, God proved to us that whatever we do FOR HIM and WITH HIM, it will surely be a hit!




Good Points

1. The program was well-prepared

2. Many things were discussed

Things to Improve

1. Attendance of the Council

2. Start on time


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