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What: Corinthian Weekend Vicariate III and IV

Where: St. Michael the Archangel Orion, Bataan

When: May 20-22, 2011

Balanga Rocks!

Corinthian Weekend Vicariate III and IV

Corinthian Weekend is a program for youth that focuses on deepening the spiritual life of the young. It was held at St. Michael the Archangel Orion, Bataan last May 20-22, 2011.

The first night was welcoming the participants, followed by the Intro Talk given by Bro. Michael and Sr. Jennifer. They also discussed the rules and regulations of the said weekend. They also mentioned that we will have Discussion Group (DG) after each talk/sharing and Sleeping Group (SG). First night we discussed the topics: God’s Call and Med on Prayer then our facilitators and SG sent us to our foster parents. The second day starts with teaching of songs, followed by listening on the topics: Self-Image, Being a Christian and We are saved. It all happened in the morning. Afterwards we had our lunch. Then the remaining topics were given: Meditation on the Eucharist and Penance Talk. In the evening the facilitators told us that we will have our confession, reflection and ACTS (elements on prayer). After all the night’s activities we went home to our own foster families. The last day starts with the Holy Mass presided by Msgr. Vic Ocampo. After the mass we continue the two remaining talks: Our call to love and Love is a decision. After our lunch, we grouped ourselves into four; each group was assigned to perform different topics. After the participants’ performance, the facilitators showed their prepared Gags to entertain us. The facilitator gave us time to eat our dinner and to refresh ourselves for the very special night. Then the graduation day! Finally, the delegates went home with high hopes and spirits.

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