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What: Diocesan Youth Coordinating Council’s Retreat

Where: Stella Maris Retreat Center Upper Tuyo, Balanga City, Bataan

When: March 12 – 14, 2010

For the longest period of time, the plan of having a retreat had come to its realization! Amidst all the hurdles, one of which is meeting with differences in schedule, the retreat made its way. Thanks to Rev. Fr. Joshua Ma. Santos, MMHC in pushing through the event, for without him there will be no such great experience for the Diocesan Youth Coordinating Council.

The DYCC join the refuge from all the noise and realities of life last March 12 – 14, 2010 at Stella Mariz Retreat Center Upper Tuyo Balanga City, Bataan. Getting there makes an impression of being in sanctuary where you find calmness, peacefulness and thinking that you are really away from Bataan. The DYCC was overwhelmed by the beauty and cleanliness of the Retreat Center.

Being a servant and a leader, it is important that you have what you have to give to your youth. It is true that “you cannot give what you do not have”. How can one give much of his energy if he himself is drained? One needs to revitalize his energy to be effective again and become productive again. This haven is the key to all the needs of the DYCC. With solitude, the DYCC learns more about them, deepens their connection with God, and realizes that they were not alone in their pursuit of providing great ministry for the youth of Bataan.

It was a sensation for each participant. Special thanks to Rev. Fr. Jhoen Buenaventura for being the Retreat Master. He was a great help for making the retreat program a success. With the kind of experience the DYCC had, the reason echoed to continue serving their fellow youth until the end striving and fighting!


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