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What: Diocesan Youth Assembly

Where: BCG Formation Center, Calaguiman

When: April 09, 2011

Vicariate Meeting with the DYCC

“United we stand... Divided we fall...”

In line with the CBCP Year of the Youth, the Diocesan Youth Ministry dreamed of having a solid & strong foundation of youth ministries especially to the most basic unit, the parish level.

Three (3) parish youth representatives were asked to attend; the Parish Youth Formator (PYF), the Parish Youth Coordinator (PYC) and the Parish Youth Leader (PYL), who are also considered to be the Parish Youth Coordinating Council (PYCC) of each parishes. The duties and responsibilities of the PYCC were further explained by the Diocesan Youth Coordinator- Ms. Shainne Salangsang. Fr. Joshua briefly discussed the DYM structure and calendar of activities and held the open forum to entertain questions from the attendees. An input about Commitment in service was given by Sr. Ruby.

The event was culminated by a vicariate meeting led by their respective vicariate councils and an election for the vacant positions of the vicariates. The newly elected vicariate councils are as follows:

∑ Vicariate 1 Youth Leader – Eduardo Flaviano

∑ Vicariate 1 Youth Secretary – Kristela Ana Cruz

∑ Vicariate 2 Youth Coordinator – Francis Villaruel

∑ Vicariate 2 Youth Leader- Ana Camille Bringula

∑ Vicariate 3 Youth Leader – Mauro Caguimbal, Jr.

∑ Vicariate 3 Youth Secretary – Czar Bernard Villanueva

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