DYM Report Form

What: CLRYM Quarterly Meeting

Where: Diocese of Cabanatuan

When: November 26 to 28, 2010


The CLRYM Meeting was held at the Diocese of Cabanatuan. On the First day, November 26, 2010, the DYC of Cabanatuan welcomed the delegates of the region. After that, we went to the venue of the meeting, The Greenland Leisure Suite, was a very good venue with the needed ambience for the meeting. The first part of the meeting was the review of the minutes of the past meetings and activities of the region. On the second day, November 27, 2010, the delegates went to Omura Girls Homes and the other group went to the other orphanage. We prepared for a lot of activities, so that we can bring joy to our less fortunate brothers and sisters of. It was indeed a very memorable day because we were able to give part of ourselves in exchange of their very warm and joyful smiles. In the evening of the second day, we went to Fred’s Apartelle and spend a fellowship night that will serve as the Regions’ Christmas Party. The last day was spent merely in exchanging stories with our fellow ministers in Central Luzon and preparing our things for our departure.



Good points

1. Very Good Venue (Greenland Leisure Suite and Fred’s Apartelle)

2. Lots of delicious food

3. I enjoyed all the activities esp. in the Omura Homes for the Girls

Things to improve

1. Fixed Venue for the Activity

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