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The establishment of Catholic schools in Bataan goes back to 1959 when the late Fr. Conrado Ma. Quiambao founded St. Catherine of Siena Academy of Samal, St. John Academy of Dinalupihan started by the late Msgr. Florentino Guiao in 1960, St. Peter of Verona (formerly the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parochial School) was established by the late Fr. Joel Pineda in 1960, the Holy Rosary Parochial School of Orani which was started by the late Msgr. Emiliano Santos in 1963, the St. Michael the Archangel Academy (formerly Holy Child Catholic School) of Orion in 1982 and St. Nicholas Catholic School (formerly St. Nicholas Catechetical Center) of Mariveles as founded in 1984 were both started by Msgr. Romeo Banaban

For the sake of historical objectivity, Catholic Schools in Bataan can be traced back even as far as 1920’s as Escuelas de Caton and Cartilla de Escuela under the late Fr. Salaveria. Yet, in the strictest sense of the word, the DSOB or Diocesan Schools of Bataan as an educational system has been created only recently.

As a historical background, the latter part of the 20th century had been very challenging to private education. With the worsening economic crisis and the gradual implementation of the Free Secondary Education, an exodus of students to government schools left small Catholic Schools fighting for their survival. It was, indeed, a hard time. As a consequence, the school of Sta. Catalina Institute of Bagac and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parochial School in Hermosa sadly had to close down.

One measure to cope up with the situation is to unite and establish linkages. The Diocese, under the leadership of the late Bishop Celso N. Guevarra took an attempt to achieve this by appointing a priest who has the educational background and the expertice in handling schools to act as over-all director to supervise the operation of the three Secondary Schools namely, St. John Academy, Holy Rosary Parochial Institute and St. Catherine of Sienna Academy. This started in SY 1995-1996 under Rev. Msgr. Wilfredo B. Fabros. In line with this move, the parish priest where the schools are situated was appointed to serve as school chaplain.

With the new system and standardization, the Holy Child Catholic School has expanded and admitted elementary and secondary students. When it evolved, it was eventually renamed as St. Michael the Archangel Academy named after their patron saint. On the other hand, re-opening of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parochial School presented legal issues, thus a new name St. Peter of Verona Academy was opened with the SFIC on the administration. SPVA as a school started its operation in 1998 and eventually also opened its doors to pre-school and grade school pupils.

St. Nicholas Catechetical Center in Mariveles with its expanding needs to accommodate more pupils for higher education was renamed St. Nicholas Catholic School of Mariveles. It accepted not only pre-school children but grade school as well.

When Bishop Guevarra retired in 2001, Bp.Honesto Ongtioco took over the diocese and fully supported the parochial schools in Bataan. And in 2004, a new leadership in the person of Bp. Socrates B. Villegas introduced a system in formally uniting all the Catholic schools in Bataan terms of existence, administrative function, quality improvement and standardization, and thus gave birth to the name DSOB, the Diocesan Schools of Bataan.

From thereon, schools started to flourish and slowly improved, and with God’s grace, two new diocesan schools were established namely Blessed Regina Protmann Catholic School in Cabcaben, Mariveles in 2006 and St. James Catholic School in Morong in 2007. Many good things are happening to DSOB today, and yet, the best is yet to come.



Philosophy of Education

Catholic Education is a concrete expression of the mission of evangelization entrusted by Christ to the Church He founded. Through evangelization, the Church seeks to form her members to “become a people made one with the unity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, a community of Christ's disciples, a visible mystery of communion and mission, and the sacrament, in Christ, of universal salvation both signifying and serving the union of persons with God and the unity of all humankind. This Church must be a fully participating community of faith rooted in Christ and immersed in the life of the Filipino people, a servant Church in solidarity with Filipino concerns." (PCP 190-191)

The educational mission of the Church is an integrated ministry embracing three interlocking dimensions: the message revealed by God (didache) which the Church proclaims; fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit (koinonia); service to the Catholic Christian community and the entire human community (diakonia). Every educational institution under the tutelage of the Church must contribute in its own way to the realization of the threefold purpose within the total educational ministry.

Catholic schools afford the fullest and best opportunity to realize the threefold purpose of Catholic education among children, youth and other sectors of the community. The Diocesan Schools of Bataan provide the Diocese one of the most potent instruments towards the realization of her Vision to make every Catholic in Bataan a HERO and to accomplish her pastoral priorities.

In the light of these principles, every Catholic school in Bataan must remain an integral part of the pastoral plan of the Diocese of Balanga. Each school is meant to provide for the formal Christian education and formation of the faithful.

The Roman Catholic
Diocese of Balanga
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